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Our proposal
conveys the feeling of indigenous communities from southern Colombia

that embodies their cultural heritage into their textiles, building a present and a future.

Since 1999, our goal has been

to build a bridge between ancestral knowledge and art, where design and craft techniques blend together. These techniques have been developed generation after generation by the indigenous communities of Los Pastos.

for them, more than a craft the weaving is a style of living and thinking, merging not only craftsmanship but constituye una forma de vida y de pensamiento en el que confluyen el conocimiento técnico y a spiritual legacy.

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Our materials include

cotton, wool and strands extracted from recycled plastic,which are woven with processes that only involve the “guanga” and the “tulpa”, the traditional loom and stove where master weavers gather around tulpa.

Ancestral lore has been our inspiration and our road into fashion, leading us to create art pieces to be worn for a lifetime.